Jan 14

Books on the Nightstand, Episode 22 (17:40)

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headphonesWe always have a lot of fun blogging, and recording the podcast, but what truly makes our day is when you leave comments, or join in on a discussion at Goodreads or Facebook. So we thought we’d take this episode to formally participate. Because while we love giving you recommendations of books to read, we like to hear recommendations as well. And I think that many of you would enjoy sharing recommendations amongst yourselves.

So, here’s how to join in:

Call our voicemail line and leave a book recommendation or other message. You can leave a message up to 5 minutes in length. We’re hoping to put together another show of listener recommendations, since many of you seemed to like it (I loved it!). Just call (206) 350-2068 and wait for the beep. Don’t worry about how you sound! Michael and I are just now getting used to hearing our own voices…

We’d love it if you would join our Goodreads group. Goodreads is free to join. In addition to our discussion group, you can also use Goodreads to catalog your library, leave book reviews, and join in other discussions with book lovers.

If you’re on Facebook (150 million are, including my mother), we have a Books on the Nightstand page. There’s a discussion board there that I would love to see get more action. Best of all, if you become a “fan” of our page (OK, I hate that term, but that’s what Facebook calls it), and you have a photo in your profile, we’ll get to put a face to the people on the other end of the recording equipment!

In segment 2, we tell you about two book recommendations that we received that we just couldn’t ignore — Doctor Olaf Van Schuler’s Brain by Kirsten Menger-Anderson, and Remainder by Tom McCarthy . Do you have a friend, colleague, or other trusted source that you know will suggest great books to read? Tell us about it in the comments.

Lastly, two books we can’t wait for you to read. Michael recommends In Lincoln’s Hands as a way to get a head start on the Lincoln Bicentennial Celebration that is coming in February. And this episode, I really truly mean it when I say that I cannot wait for you to read my selection, Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. It’s on sale February 3rd.


We encourage you to write down or print out the title information and shop at your local bookstore. Titles link to LibraryThing, a social networking site that allows you to catalog your home library. LibraryThing also links to various online purchasing options. Here are the books from this post:
Doctor Olaf Van Schuler’s Brain by Kirsten Menger-Anderson, Algonquin hardcover
Remainder by Tom McCarthy, Vintage trade paperback
In Lincoln’s Hand by Harold Holzer and Joshua Wolf Shenk
Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese, Knopf hardcover
(all information is for the U.S. editions).
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