Aug 10

The mystery is over: I have chosen the winners for our latest contest and I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect winner if I’d rigged the contest. But there’s no foul play at Books on the Nightstand. We used a random number generator to choose our winners, from the 125 blog comments, 14 Facebook comments, and 2 email entries that came in before the deadline of 5pm today.

The grand prize goes to Pamela, who said:

“I’d shave my head to win The Girl Who Played with Fire! Loved the first one!!”

Really, we can’t make that up. She said it, and she won.
Uh, Pamela? Be careful what you wish for. I can hear the buzzing of the clippers already. I want to see before and after photos of your new coiffure.

Tobi from our Facebook fan page is the winner of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the first book in Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy.

And finally, temporary dragon tattoos are going out to:

We hope you will send us photos of the tattoo once it’s been applied (as long as the tattoo site is family friendly, of course).

I’ve emailed all the winners, and will send out the prizes as soon as I get your postal addresses.

To all who didn’t win: thank you for playing, and for your support of Books on the Nightstand. Michael and I were honored by so many of the nice things you had to say about BOTNS in the comments. We know that some of you may have just been sucking up in order to win, but we we will pretend that all of the things you said were true.

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