Apr 19

One book we can’t for you to read, and two authors we can’t wait for you to hear.

We are so thrilled that you enjoyed last week’s podcast that featured 2 of our authors from the BOTNS Retreat!

This week, we bring you two more: Ellen Meeropol and Matthew Dicks. I’m so happy that we recorded the talks from Saturday night’s Celebration of Authors, because they deserve to be heard by more than the 130 people who were there in person. I know you will enjoy Ellen and Matthew’s talks today.

House Arrest Something Missing

Ellen Meeropol is the author of House Arrest, which was published this past February, and was inspired by a true story of a child’s death in a religious cult.

Matthew Dicks is the author of Something Missing and Unexpectedly, Milo — two books that defy categorization and are thoroughly unique and fun.

But first, a reminder that we are having our live online book discussion of Matthew Dicks’ Something Missing on Thursday, April 28th at 9PM. I’ll put up a separate post early next week with the website and telephone information so that you can join us. Something Missing is a quick read, so you still have time to read it before the online chat — but you are welcome to join us even if you haven’t yet read the book.

The Tragedy of Arthur

And as a special treat, at the beginning of this week’s episode Michael has a book he can’t wait for you to read: The Tragedy of Arthur by Arthur Phillips. It’s the story of a man whose father found a lost Shakespearean play, and the puzzle of whether or not the play is real. It’s a novel, but not a typical straightforward narrative, and it’s very fun to read.

Until next week, enjoy!

  • H50sherm

    Oh, Ann and Michael..even tho I was at the retreat I am taking great pleasure hearing the authors speaking again> What a great time we all had…Hoping that we do this again next year. I now have the Tshirt..and a new Retreat bag… Yea ha..

  • Pattysnyder26

    I think that for broadcast some judicious editing of Matthew Dick’s presentation would have made it more enjoyable as a podcast. What works in person doesn’t always work for a podcast.

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  • I’ve been hearing so much nice buzz about “Tragedy of Arthur” and the premise is A+ great, can’t wait to dive in and read my brains out 🙂

  • I have to say that I absolutely loved this podcast, especially Matthew Dick’s presentation. I was listening to it while at the gym and I had to contain my laughs and expressions so I wouldn’t look like a dork! His encouragement to just start writing was incredibly *real*. Thanks Ann & Michael for podcast, for sharing the retreat with everyone, and just all around making this BOTNS community the virtual social outlet I need.

    • Aww, thanks, Judy! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the retreat podcasts —
      I just wish that every single listener could have been there with us!

  • Annthackrey

    I was so glad to hear what Matthew Dicks said about Ann and Michael! It is so amazing that two people are willing to share their passion for books with others without any financial gain. I so appreciate yoru podcasts. Listening to them has become my second favorite hobby (after reading!). THANK YOU for all the time and effort you put in to them.
    I have downloaded all of the past episodes, and am enjoying them all.
    I wish I could have attended the retreat. I would love to meet you in person, and also others who love books like I do.

  • Very good information. Thanks for sharing!

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