Apr 24

We’ve just returned from Booktopia Vermont, a weekend filled with readers, authors, and wonderful bookish conversation! Here we present the talks given by Bill Landay, author of Defending Jacob, and Leslie Maitland, author of Crossing the Borders of Time.

Live from Booktopia!


We are pleased to present the talks given by Bill Landay and Leslie Maitland at this past weekend’s Booktopia event in Vermont.

There were many interesting discussions about Defending Jacob, and the motivations of the characters, discussions that were somewhat hard to have since not everyone in the room had read the book yet! Bill spoke about his background and how the debate about nature versus nurture sparked the creation of his book.

Leslie Maitland’s Crossing the Borders of Time was just released last week and is already garnering raves from readers and authors. Leslie’s description of her mother’s tale of lost love had many Booktopians in tears. This is sure to become a classic story of WWII survival and a love that can span decades.

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