Apr 02

Fun bookish events to attend; looking back at The Tournament of Books; and our recommendations for The Rime of the Modern Mariner and Wave.

First the Fun

Square Books in Oxford, MS (which was just named 2013 Publishers’ Weekly Bookseller of the Year!! YAAAYYY!!) is hosting Camp Square Books, May 21-24, with four authors, bus tours, meals and books! Ann and I are sorry we can’t attend, but maybe you can!

sq bks

For only the second time, Book Expo America is opening registration to non-industry folks. Dubbed “Power Readers,” the average everyday book lover (that’s you!) can attend for only $49. Publishers’ booths, authors signing, free books and book-related goodies, BEA is a book-lovers dream.

A reminder that Two Books I Can’t Wait For You to Read, Volume 2 is now available for purchase. It’s the perfect book to get (and give) if you just can’t get enough book recommendations!

Then the Game (x:xx)



The 2013 Tournament of Books just concluded and we are simply thrilled that Adam Johnson’s The Orphan Master’s Son was the winner! Ann and I both enjoyed reading the judges essays on their decisions, and the commentary by the tournament creators. So many of our favorite books were in contention and it was an entertaining process from beginning to end. In 2014, we promise to feature the Tournament of Books earlier, so you’ll all be reminded to follow along.

Two Books We Can’t Wait For You to Read (21:29)


rime    wave

The Rime of the Modern Mariner is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Nick Hayes. It recasts Coleridge’s poem as an ecological fable for today. The illustrations, done in shades of blue and black, are simply stunning! (This link has some interior images)

While reading Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala, Ann felt like her body was in a vise. This memoir of the author’s experience surviving a tsunami that killed her parents, her husband and her children, and surviving the inexplicable grief that followed.

A reminder that April is National Poetry Month and Ann and I, not poetry enthusiasts (yet!), are committing to read each day’s Poem of the Day, emailed out by Knopf. Follow this link to see the poems emailed out for April 1. To sign up yourself, click here and select the “Knopf Poetry” newsletter.


  • You guys get double-credit from me on this one. Not only do I have a copy of The Orphan Master’s Son, I have a signed first edition because I joined The Odyssey Bookshop’s First Editions Club after you spoke about it in an earlier podcast. I just love the podcast. Keep up the great work!

  • Leah Frieden

    Thank you for sharing the info about Square Camp. I live in Arkansas and am obviously not listening to podcasts in real time, so I was a bit disappointed to hear that you all had hosted a Booktopia in Oxford and I had missed it by several years and won’t have the opportunity go again. I’ve signed up for the Square Books newsletter and hope that it is a regular event. Maybe I can go to that someday! As always, I really enjoy the podcasts! Thanks!

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