Aug 16



Yes, I give up. I’m am very, very behind in my short story reading, and even further behind in blogging the stories that I *have* read. I won’t bore you with excuses, but I will blame some pretty amazing upcoming books for taking up all of my reading time (*cough* Dave Eggers *cough* Donna Tartt *cough*).

So I’m officially declaring Short Story Bankruptcy. I will not try to catch up. Instead, I will begin anew on Monday, August 19th. Back to one story per day. Back to blogging the stories, hopefully weekly.

In the meantime, enjoy your vacation. I won’t be announcing an August short story read-along, so that you all can catch up on prior stories of month (or declare bankruptcy yourself, as you like).

I’ve got a fantastic story read-along planned for September, though, so rest up.

I’ll check in with you soon.

  • Darlene

    Good for you! I think sometimes we (at least I do) forget that reading is supposed to be enjoyable. I set a goal of reading 100 books this year and I find myself constantly looking at my stats and getting frustrated when I see “you are behind pace for your goal.” I’ve continued reading books that I hated (The Woman Upstairs – which I know you loved, but I just did not get the point of that book) so I could add them to my list so I wouldn’t fall further behind. I finally realized how ridiculous that was. The world is not going to end if I only read 90 books this year especially if I really enjoyed and grew from those 90 books.

    I’m off to re-read A Thousand Splendid Suns. I can’t add it to my goal list because it is a re-read, but his writing is so beautiful it is worth risking not reaching my reading goal this year.

  • Carol Kubala

    Sounds like a diet…begin again on Monday. Darlene said it well. “Reading is supposed to be enjoyable”. Give yourself the break and read what you can when you can…

  • Robin

    Thank you, thank you. I fell behind during my partner’s surgery and recuperation and have been trying fitfully to catch up. It did not occur to me to just start over. So I declared Short Story Bankruptcy also and started over. Feeling much less stressed and enjoying stories again. Thanks for the post, I was beginning to think I was the only one behind in reading. Oddly enough a good friend is a Bankruptcy Judge, maybe I can get her to make an unofficial pronouncement for me, or should it be from a librarian?

  • Have you ever read Neil Gaiman’s collection Fragile Things? I’m reading it now, and am finding that I want to read each story two or three times. Nobody does it like Gaiman!

  • KatieLoss

    Whew! The pressure is off… 😉 Looking forward to September’s read. And, like Michael, my intentions never panned out, but I think I’ll try a story a week beginning Aug. 25th. I have loved reading your blogs and “collecting” all the good titles of short stories through the year. I’m afraid I fall square in the “collectors” category. Great podcast discussion about this, this week.

  • Reading one short story a day is a very ambitious goal, but I think might cause a degree of mental fatigue that it is almost self-defeating. Why be on a race? We should allow ourselves enough time to savor these stories and let them “live” within us for a day or so after reading. I agree with Carole to give yourself some digestion time to enjoy the stories to the fullest.

  • Pamela Lear

    I’m quite impressed that you made it as far as you did … I really appreciate your honesty and attitude. There’s always tomorrow!! Sometimes I make myself work too hard to enjoy all my reading; we need to allow ourselves a bit more freedom!

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