Dec 03

Strategies for reading a trilogy; literary charities worth donation to; Princesses Behaving Badly and The Most of Nora Ephron.

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Trilogy Troubles

Elizabeth A. from Massachusetts asked about reading trilogies; do we wait until all three books are out before we start or do we dive right in? Ann and I are both unlikely to wait, though that can lead to problems, like losing track of details from book to book, or losing momentum mid-series. Though trilogies seem to be the norm now, books are sometimes planned as a stand-alone, but prove so popular that more installments are added. Conversely, if the first book in a planned trilogy does not meet sales expectations, it’s possible future books will not be released. So, it’s not always easy to tell for sure whether a book is part of a trilogy or not. What are your thoughts on trilogy reading?

audiobooksAudiobook of the week (09:02)

hootHoot by Carl Hiaasen, narrated by Chad Lowe is Ann’s pick for this week’s Audiobook of the Week.

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Literary Giving (12:27)

The end of the year is a very popular time for charitable giving, both for philanthropic and tax reasons. Many people have favorite charities to support, but in case you’re looking for a new place to donate, we cover several literary organizations:

Toys for Tots – not a literary organization per se, but books are welcomed by this organization. Here’s a wonderful sheet they put together recommending titles in various categories and age groups.

Reading is Fundamental – through 12/31, donations to this wonderful organization will be matched. If your company also matches funds, that means your funds could be tripled. I also mention their link to an article called “15 Reading Materials That Aren’t Books.”

Reach Out and Read – a national organization that provides books at pediatrician well visits. Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, donations to Reach Out and Read are also being matched this holiday season.

I mention Literacy Volunteers of America, but it turns out they are now part of an organization called ProLiteracy which formed in 2002.

826National – with 8 locations in cities around the US, 826 teaches literacy by offering tutoring and teaching kids to write.

Two Books We Can’t Wait For You to Read (26:42)

princesses     nora ephron

Princesses Behaving Badly by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie is a fun, accessible walk through history’s most un-princess-like princesses. From sex parties, to Nazi spies, to nighttime masks of raw veal, these are the stories you did not hear about in history class.

The Most of Nora Ephron is a collection of writing that spans her career, and include the complete novel Heartburn, the screenplay for When Harry Met Sally, and many of her columns and essays. It’s perfect for longtime Ephron fans as well as for those who might have just discovered her with I Feel Bad About My Neck.

  • Kathleen

    Here is my solution to reading a series. I don’t want to forget the details of the series books, but I have other books to read too. So I am reading a Maisie Dobbs followed by a different book, then an Inspector Gamache followed by a different book. I will repeat until I have completed both series. I keep up with the details of the series books and keep my reading fresh as well.

  • Suzanne Weiner

    I think this is only in Chicago, but I love to support Sit Stay Read, an organization that helps inner city children learn to read – and become comfortable with reading – by having them read to volunteer dogs.

  • Michelle

    I’m not sure if you can know for sure when a book will be part of a trilogy (as Ann said), but if you want to find out if a book is part of a trilogy and the whole trilogy or series is released, you can check out

    I personally tend to read part of a trilogy as they come out because I don’t want to be left out when spoilers may be released from other book readers or media.

  • Chris K.

    I used read books that were part of a trilogy as they came out. I would go back are reread the first two before the third came out. Now, I wait. I usually don’t have time to reread anymore. Like Michael, I really enjoyed the first two Lev Grossman books but am hazy on the details. I’ve been listening to them on audio to refresh my memory. Hopefully, I’ll still remember by Aug 2014 when the third is released.

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