Jan 07

I was very honored to be able to interview Charles Duhigg on the publication day of The Power of Habit in paperback, out today, January 7.


We discuss the genesis of the book, how to instill good habits in your children, the best habit for readers, “reward salience,” and the new afterword included in the paperback edition.

Thank you again to Mr. Duhigg for taking the time to speak with me!


full sea     keep

For our “Two Books” segment, Charles recommends On Such a Full Sea, by Chang-rae Lee, a novel set in a near-future America whose labor-class is Chinese people forcibly relocated from an environmentally ravaged China. He also recommends The Keep by Jennifer Egan (author of A Visit from the Goon Squad).

Lately, Charles has been reading feature length articles via Longreads.com. Two other sites that offer this kind of content  are Longform.org, and Byliner.com.

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