Jul 08

We follow up some sad literary news with some great book news; we recommend My Accidental Jihad and Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands


First, the bad news


We are saddened by the report that author Colum McCann was assaulted while trying to help someone during a domestic situation in New Haven, CT. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

We also mourn two amazing people who passed away last week: author and ambassador for Young People’s literature Walter Dean Myers and Louis Zamperini, subject of Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken.

Lastly, we mourn the end of World Book Night in the United States.


audiobooksAudiobook of the week (13:18)

The Farm The Farm by Tom Rob Smith, narrated by James Langton and Suzanne Toren is my pick for this week’s Audiobooks.com Audiobook of the Week. This is a compulsive listen!

Special thanks to Audiobooks.com for sponsoring this episode of Books on the Nightstand.

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Now, the good news: (17:05)

http://www.booksabouttown.org.uk/ – London Book Benches as part of Books About Town

Two books we can’t wait for you to read: (24:29)

My Accidental Jihad   Close Your Eyes HOld Hands
Michael’s pick this week is My Accidental Jihad by Krista Bremer, who will be joining us in August at Booktopia Asheville. This memoir, which tells the story of an American woman who marries a Libyan man of a different faith, is engrossing and very honest.
Ann recommends Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands by Chris Bohjalian. It’s the story of a homeless teen struggling to survive in the wake of a nuclear meltdown, and will appeal not only to existing fans of Chris Bohjalian, but will also appeal to older teens and fans of young adult fiction.
  • Juliette

    Instead of Episode #288, Episode #282 was downloaded…..

    • Juliette

      I think I meant uploaded. Anyway it is not the right episode….Thanks.

      • The episode was corrected about 30 minutes after the initial posting, so if you have the wrong episode, please re-download the episode and it should be correct. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Mitch Kelly

    LOVED The Farm! It’s one of my favorite books of the year. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to the audiobook, because I was able to read an ARC back in January. I might need to revisit on audio.

    • The narrator is perfect. This might be one of my favorite audiobooks on the year. Thanks for sending!

  • jayne190

    Personally really could careless about spoilers; I’ve been spoiled so many times that I really don’t care if I am spoiled or not.

  • Nina Zimmermann

    This was the first time I listened to your podcast. Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your show on a Sun morning with a cup of coffee. I can’t wait to read your book recommendations. I am always seeking interesting books to read & enjoy. I will share your podcast, blog and recommendations with my friends.
    Thank you!

    • We’re so happy you found us. Thank you so much, Nina, and thank you for taking the time to drop us a note!

  • Jaye

    Thank you very much for your hard work on the podcast. I appreciate listening to your book reviews and information about the book/story world.

    I don’t want to discourage anyone from sharing books, but I want to offer soem thoughts on the term “little libraries.” Book boxes that people put up in their front yards are not, in my mind libraries. Libraries are places where books are housed, but there are also **librarians** available to offer assistance, research help and answer questions. The book boxes do not have librarians. Librarians are well trained and committed professionals who work hard to preserve the institution we call libraries. Calling book boxes “little libraries” is a bit of a slap in the face to those of us who work hard to get books into libraries and out to patrons, help with research and provide a safe space for people to read, work, use the Internet etc. Anyone can put up a book box and I encourage them to do so, but I also hope that people won’t forget to support their local libraries as well. Thank you.

  • Alison

    Loved The Farm audio book. Thanks for the recommendation. Any more like this?

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