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The many jobs you can have around books. We recommend The Half Brother by Holly LeCraw, and The Sculptor by Scott McCloud.

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Hounded, Kevin HearneHounded (Book One of the Iron Druid Chronicles) by Kevin Hearne, narrated by Luke Daniels, is my pick for this week’s Audiobooks.com Audiobook of the Week.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Question (07:10)

Listener Corey asked two questions: How did Ann and I get our jobs? and What are some possible jobs involving books? For the first question, the short answers are: Ann graduated with three majors including magazine journalism, had trouble finding a job, and was placed at Dell Publishing where she saw a poster celebrating 25 years of Yearling Books. After seeing so many of her childhood favorites on there, she knew she wanted to stick around. I’ve worked in bookstores since I was 15, eventually ending up as a buyer for a bookstore where I worked with and got to know publishers’ sales reps. When one of the Random House reps left, the other one recommended me for the job.

Corey’s second question is a big one. A recent post on the Reading Rainbow blog describes jobs and hobbies that will surround you with books. They list many options. One of the jobs they list is “Publisher,” and Ann and I are able to expand on that one listing quite a bit. There are countless jobs within publishing itself, and as the industry and technologies evolve, there are new types of jobs being created all the time.

There are also many publishing courses (some Master’s degree and some Summer class) available from colleges and universities: The ones we mention are:


Two Books We Can’t Wait For You to Read (30:28)


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Holly LeCraw’s The Half Brother follows Charlie Garrett, a teacher at a New England prep school, who falls in love with the headmaster’s daughter. They end their relationship, but things come to a head ten years later when she returns to campus just as Charlie’s magnetic half-brother begins teaching.

The Sculptor by Scott McCloud is a new addition to my all-time favorite graphic novels, and will surely be one of my favorite books of 2015. Struggling sculptor David Smith makes a deal with Death: in exchange for unfettered control over materials, David will die in 200 days. What happens when inspiration still doesn’t strike, but love does?

  • Ti Reed

    I had no idea that there were schools out there offering degrees in publishing. I just assumed these people had English degrees of some sort and maybe a marketing background as well. Interesting.

  • Carol Kubala

    Truly enjoyed the discussion about publishing and its many opportunities for careers. I’m certain you both have encouraged someone to take the leap.

  • Caitie

    If you don’t have an undergrad degree, there are two undergrad programs in publishing – Hofstra University on Long Island (where I went) and Emerson in Boston.

  • Susan Townsend

    I just added Hounded to my audible.com wish list. The problem: there are now 42 books on my wish list! I listen to probably 100 or more books a year (yes I have a lot of time for listening!), but 42 books on my wish list is pushing it!

    Seriously, I love the podcast. I am retired and not the least interested in pursuing any more degrees or careers, but I really enjoyed the discussion about jobs in the publishing industry. Keep up the good work.

  • Deborah Kindel

    I listened to both Hounded and Hexed on Michael’s recommendation. I enjoyed the premise, the humor and the interesting characters, but started to snooze during the repetitive battle scenes by the second volume. The personal story that frames the action is well developed, but I am not sure that it is worth going on with the series. This is definitely a listen vs. read series, if only for the dog’s voice.

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  • Raquel S.

    Emerson College has both undergrad & grad programs in publishing. I have my M.A. in Writing, Literature & Publishing from them.

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