Jun 02

Ann recounts her weekend at BookCon, and we recommend The League of Regrettable Superheroes by Jon Morris, and In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume.


BOTNS Summer Bingo is underway, don’t forget to download your card here! A listener asked about reading graphic novels, since that is a square on her Bingo card, and I recommend two great online guides to reading comics and graphic novels. Sarah wrote from England to let us know that she and her friend Shona never stopped playing Book Bingo after last Summer. Using the same website we use, they added some categories to our list and have continued to choose their next books based on a Bingo row or column they are trying to fill. They may even keep choosing their books that way forever!

Dan Bloom, who coined the literary term “cli-fi,” sent us a quick note to let us know about his website The Cli-Fi Report, a site I used to prepare for our recent episode, but forgot to mention on the show. Thanks Dan!


audiobooksAudiobook of the week (06:21)

Luckiest Girl Alive: A Novel, Jessica KnollLuckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll, narrated by Madeleine Maby, is Ann’s pick for this week’s Audiobooks.com Audiobook of the Week.

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BookCon, Year Two (12:25)

Ann has just returned from BookCon, the book convention for readers that took place this past weekend in New York. Only in it’s second year, BookCon was filled with author celebrities like Judy Blume and John Green, celebrity authors like Mindy Kaling and Nick Offerman, and a panel with four superstar vloggers.18692431

Other authors/books mentioned:

Next year, BookCon will be May 14 in Chicago. This fall however, authors will converge on NYC again, as Book Riot hosts its first Book Riot Live event, November 7-8, 2015. And Books on the Nightstand listeners can get $20 of their registration by entering the coupon code NIGHTSTAND during checkout.


Two Books We Can’t Wait For You to Read (29:21)


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The League of Regrettable Superheroes by Jon Morris is a collection of always odd, often hilariously misguided superheroes whose escapades actually saw the light of day in printed comic books. Filled with original art, this full-color hardcover is a gem for comic book fans.

In the Unlikely Event, is a brand new adult novel by Judy Blume. The story is based the real-life trio of plane crashes that occurred in her hometown of Elizabeth, NJ in the span of two-and-a-half months in the early 1950s. Like most Judy Blume books, this one perfectly captures the life of a teenaged girl,  but with the added dimension of the character’s life as an adult looking back on the tragedies that defined a time in her childhood.


  • sarah kenyon

    Hi Ann – your visit to BookCon sort of coincided with my visit to the Hay Festival in Wales – one year I hope you will be able to take a trip to the UK and come along to this festival – it runs over 10 days and although it can get busy it sounds like it’s a whole lot more chilled than BookCon – and you can book tickets for everything in advance so no queuing round the block at 4am. My highlight was hearing David Mitchell read from The Bone Clocks the scene in which the author Crispin Hershey attends the Hay Festival in 2015 and gives a reading from his new book – very surreal

  • Susan Dryburgh

    Hi, Ann,
    I made a last-minute decision to attend Book Con last Saturday. Although I had heard the reports of long lines and crowds, I decided to go with an open mind and just experience the event. I’m happy to say that I had an amazing time! Nearly everyone on the exhibit floor was considerate and pleasant, and it was so much fun to be among people who love to talk about books. I attended two panel discussions, both in the Penguin Random House room, that did not require a special wristband. One was about author’s experiences with book clubs and the other was about how audio books are produced. Both were good, and I loved the giveaways. So even though I didn’t see a lot of celebrities, I had a very satisfying day. My sister lives near Chicago and we are already planning to go to Book Con there next year.

  • I still have never read Judy Blume…What is wrong with me??? I haven’t gone to BookCon, but this sounds interesting.

  • Carol Kubala

    I love that Sarah and Shona continued their bingo challenge throughout the year. Just look at what you two started. Thumbs up to all!

  • debra bennett

    Ok, I talked everyone at work in to joining up for bingo. Some of us are doing it invidually. Some just filling in the one we posted on the board to announce it. My problem? I’m in a wormhole. I started Volume 1 of Beverly Cleary’s Memoir and NOW all i want to do is read this AND listen to Stockard Channing re-read the Beezus and Ramona books. Now, when I walk to work, I’m lost in remembering the many times I read B&R and cracking up at the sisterly rivalry.
    See what you have done? And thanks. My question is, Wikipedia says Cleary is still alive and will be 100 next April. Is there anything planned to celebrate her? Thanks . Also, without Ramona, there could be no Junie B.

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