Jun 30

Simon and Thomas are coming to Booktopia! Books with animals as key characters. And don’t you forget about: Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, and Revolutionary Road.

The Readers crash Booktopia

We were thrilled to learn that Simon Savidge and Thomas Otto, co-hosts of The Readers Podcast, will be joining us at Booktopia Petoskey this September (sadly sold out). If you haven’t listened to The Readers, you should definitely check them out, maybe starting with this episode. We’ve each chosen a favorite novel, and during their visit to Booktopia, the four of us will record two live podcasts to talk about those books. Those episodes will likely be more “book-club” style, so if you want to read the books in advance, please do.


audiobooksAudiobook of the week (04:48)

The Husband's SecretThe Husband’s Secret
by Liane Moriarty narrated by Caroline Lee, is my pick for this week’s Audiobooks.com Audiobook of the Week.

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The dog ate my Bingo! card (10:35)

This week we’re taking a look at options to fill in the BOTNS Book Bingo square “with an animal as a key character.” Again, if you’re not playing Bingo, that’s OK — just consider these book recommendations around a single theme.

Still need more suggestions? Check out our Goodreads discussion thread for even more recommendations.


Don’t You Forget About Me (20:49):


encyclopedia of an ordinary life   revolutionary road


It’s time for our monthly focus on a backlist title that we love! This month, Michael recommends Encylopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. It’s a memoir (in encyclopedia form) of a woman that, like the title says, has lived a very ordinary life — and yet, it’s incredibly entertaining and relevant to so many.

A book that I recommend often in real life but haven’t discussed on the podcast is Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. It’s a bleak and depressing look at one couple, Frank and April Wheeler, who despair of their situation in 1950s suburban America, and it’s an incredible piece of literature. Yates has influenced so many writers and he deserves to be more widely read.

  • Benelegere

    A total coincidence, I listened to this Los Angeles Review of Books podcast today and it included a snippet of a Michael Tolkin (novelist and filmmaker) interview where he talks about why Cather’s “A Professor’s House” is his favorite book. (Starts at the 14:00 minute mark, ends at the 18:40 mark.)

  • Simcha

    I can attest to the fact that Michael had recommended Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, in a previous episode, because that’s how I came to discover, and fall-in-love, with this book. I recommend it to everyone that I meet. Though it did put a bump in a new friendship, when I insisted that my new friend immediately get the book out of the library, which she did, but she didn’t really enjoy it, which has made me doubt if this friendship is really meant to be…

  • CIMHsv

    On your recommendation, Michael, I listened to an episode of The Readers podcast. I felt like such a voyeur! I found myself chuckling quietly at times, lest they discover I was listening and tell me to bugger off. Thanks for the rec!

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