Jan 19

Ann’s under the weather, so Michael shares one book he can’t wait for you to read.

A reminder to check out the discussion boards on our Goodreads group, if you aren’t already. I especially love browsing the monthly thread of what people are reading. You can find the discussion for January 2016 here

One Book I Can’t Wait For You to Read (03:36)


All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders is already on the list of my favorite books of 2016. Here’s the review I wrote on Goodreads: “An utterly unique book. Parts of it bear resemblance to things I’ve read before, but as a whole, it’s completely original. And heartbreaking, and confounding, and joy-inducing, and terrifying. I won’t soon forget [the characters of] Patricia and Laurence. Nor do I ever want to.”
It goes on sale January 26.

Correction: I refer to All the Birds in the Sky as Charlie Jane Anders’ first novel. In fact, Choir Boy, published in 2005, was her first novel.

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