Jun 28

A preview of fiction titles we’re looking forward to in the next nine months.


Don’t Forget! Although this is the final “regular” episode of Books on the Nightstand, there will be an episode 390 – filled with hilarious bloopers!


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Tell me what to read this summer! Go here to vote on which of  six titles I’m embarrassed to say I still haven’t read I should read before Labor Day.


audiobooksAudiobook of the week (05:37) 

My Brilliant Friend, Elena FerranteMy Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, narrated by Hillary Huber, is Ann’s pick for this week’s Audiobooks.com Audiobook of the Week.

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Fiction Preview (11:39)


DC NF  heavenly table  dark matter  nix

behold the dreamers   underground   last days of night  mothers

There’s a ton of great fiction titles coming out in the next 9 months. Here are our picks:


That brings us to the end of last full episode of Books on the Nightstand. THANK YOU to all of you who’ve been with us on this bookish journey, whether from episode 1 or episode 389. You  have all made this worthwhile!

— Ann and Michael

  • Judi Wolf

    Where are the Show Notes for this episode?

    • mkindness

      Are they not showing up right up there? ☝

  • Connie

    Thank you for a wonderful ending to an even better podcast. I will so miss waiting for your download each week. Change is good, but hard. Thanks for all you’ve given us the past years. Have a wonderful summer!

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  • Nan Palmer

    Getting misty here, recalling time spent listening and attending the amazing Booktopia events. Looking forward to the next chapter, whatever shape or form that may take!

    Thank you, Ann & Michael–you have given so whole-heartedly, and we love you for it. Peace, peace, peace.

  • Melissa

    I still haven’t listened to this episode yet. I just can’t stand to think that it is the last one. Thank you so much, Ann and Michael. I have listened since the beginning, and I had the pleasure of attending the two Booktopias in Petoskey. You two have accomplished so much with this project. You have not just recommended some books, you have created a community and brought people together. My best wishes to you both.

  • Britany Arnold

    I couldn’t wait any longer– I finally bit the bullet and listened with Goodreads open on my computer, adding all the books that sound amazing. I can’t believe this episode is here. I’m so sad that I didn’t discover you sooner. Thank you so much for all the books you’ve read and the passion you have. I appreciate you both and wish that we were friends in real life. 🙂

  • francesca

    I will miss you so much. I’ve been listening you for eight years and you were a
    little part of my life… A nn if you ever go to South of France, please let me know..

  • Christine

    Hi, I was wondering if the emails for the two dozen books has started to be emailed out? I haven’t gone on my emails for a while but received a new computer yesterday and so, of course, went to clean up my emails, but I didn’t see any emails regarding this. I had signed up on the form to receive emails but not the contest.

    • Christine

      Please disregard this. I just did another search and found the email. Yay. Going to read it now!

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