Jul 07

Sadly, we have come to the true end of Books on the Nightstand.
Happily, this final episode is filled with bloopers!


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” - Dr. Seuss Girlfriend Advice for When You’re Sad over Happy Things:


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  • Bookworm9798

    Love hearing the laughter between the two of you on this episode. I was both looking forward to it and dreading it. #ostrich Once more, so long and thanks for all the fish (books). {{{hugs}}} ~ Laura

  • Nicholette B

    Love you guys! And as far as zip files, for me I have the iPhone 6s Plus and I have google drive downloaded on my phone. I connected my google account, and saved the zip file there. From there I opened it in an app I found called MP3 books (free) which can open audio zip files! I was able to open the playlists and listen to them there from the app…starting at numero uno! Hope this helps anyone who is as despondent as me so we can visit the world of BOTNd as often as we liked. Thank you so much Ann and Michael for the wonderful immersion into the world of books and laughter. Take the best of care!

  • Diane Zuber

    Goodbye Ann & Michael. I feel like I’m losing two of my best friends. (That’s sad isn’t it? I need to get out more!)

  • Sad to hear that i’m missing you forever.

  • Denise_K_Livotti

    Just found you and taking your advice in last segment at beginning telling newbies to stop listening and go back to older podcasts. Which I am currently looking into. I am going through some tough decisions right now in my life and enlightened that tonight I stumbled through the grace of light and love on your page. You got me at The Cat in the Hat “Don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened” Thank you is not enough for this message. All the best in future endeavours and I have signed up for your occassional email and Twitter accounts. Looking forward to them.

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