At Books on the Nightstand, we strive to bring you great book recommendations, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the world of books, bookstores and publishing. We do this through our weekly podcast and frequent blog posts. Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman are friends and colleagues who work in the publishing industry. That means that we talk about books all day long to other people who love to talk about books. But sometimes, those conversations have to end before we’re ready to stop talking. Thus, this blog.

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We are proud that Books on the Nightstand was honored with three awards during Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2009: Best General Review Blog, Best Book Club Blog, and Most Eclectic Taste.

This blog is in no way affiliated with our employer, Random House, Inc. Opinions stated here are our own, and are not necessarily those expressed or endorsed by Random House.

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Books on the Nightstand has stopped production, therefore we no longer accept books for review.


Though we both purchase many books out of pocket, you should assume that most of the books that we talk about at Books on the Nightstand have been obtained directly from publishers in the form of pre-publication reading copies. Due to our professional responsibilities, most of the books that we read are published by one of the several Random House, Inc. imprints. However, we will talk about any books that we love, regardless of who publishes it.

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