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Not Yet on the Nightstand

Not Yet on the Nightstand is our monthly email newsletter, created to satisfy the requests of our listeners. The focus of the newsletter is on books that have not yet been published. We’ll highlight new releases heading to your bookstore the following month, and we’ll tell you about some forthcoming books that we are excited about. Please be aware that you will hear about books that won’t be published for several months. If you are the kind of reader that needs immediate gratification, you may find it frustrating that you will have to wait awhile to read these books.

Though Books on the Nightstand is publisher-agnostic, parts of this email newsletter won’t be. Because so much of our reading is focused on the books that we will be working on in our roles as Random House sales reps, there will be a heavy focus in the “What We Are Reading” part of the newsletter on books that will be forthcoming from the various Random House, Inc. imprints. We promise to keep to our promise of telling you only about books that we are excited about–no used-car salesman-style shilling here!

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