We’re Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman. At Books on the Nightstand, we strive to bring you great book recommendations, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the world of books, bookstores and publishing. We do this through our weekly podcast and frequent blog posts.You may learn more about us at our About/Contact page.

Our weekly podcasts are the heart of what we do here, and we hope you’ll join us. We post new episodes every Wednesday (or often late Tuesday night). We recommend books, and chat about other bookish things. The most popular feature with listeners is our last segment, “Two books we can’t wait for you to read.” It’s where we tell you about books that we love, most of which are newly published or about to be published.

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What others are saying:


We’ve had so many lovely reviews in iTunes (5 stars, 122 reviews as of October 2010!). Here are just a few:

“Wow! This podcast is great! It feels like I am sitting in a cafĂ© with you talking about books over coffee and scones” – by klr827

“This podcast is one of my favorites! I’ve gotten several great book recommendations. I always look forward to hearing about new books that are coming out. Michael and Ann have a way of talking about books that makes you want to start reading immediately.” – by beckymac101
“I downloaded this on a whim and even downloaded a topic I normally would be uninterested in: children’s books adults can enjoy. I loved the podcast and came away with a few great recommendations. Which is the danger–you can’t listen without expanding your “to read” list. The two hots are in the publishing business and clearly have a genuine love of books and the sharing of them. It’s the perfect length and their enthusiasm is powerfully contagious. Highly recommended.” – by VanessaKM

“Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness present a weekly podcast in which they discuss books. Sounds typical and ho hum, right? This isn’t. These hosts invite feedback from listeners in a variety of ways (e-mail, phone, blogs, Facebook and Twitter). I honestly don’t know how they have any time to read books. Each program has a theme and is divided into 3 segments allowing for a number of books recommended each week. I feel as if I have discovered two best friends and can’t wait to hear their recommendations each Wednesday”. – by lmj (Linda)
“Thanks Ann and Michael for podcasting about books, old and new. Classics and best-sellers, graphic novels, new releases to love, dystopian novels…you talk about all, and then some–like issues related to books such as Christmas shopping lists (even for people who don’t like to read), what’s a good graphic novel to read if we’ve never read one before, where book paper comes from, how to get started in publishing. We’ve heard interviews with publishers and authors and book industry people. When I subscribe to this podcast, I like knowing that a couple of book-lovers are always going to be there, week to week, talking aobut at least two books we have to read.” – by kristenandpat
“This is by far the best book review podcast I’ve heard. I’m still working my way through the back episodes but I’ve gotten so many great recommendations already. And the insider’s view of the industry is fascinating as well.” – by Taborcam

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