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Books on the Nightstand published our final episode in July 2016. This is a place for listeners to find old episodes. 

I'm sorry that we don't have show notes for all of the episodes, and that the episodes do not have consistent filenames. Still, we hope you find that the content is valuable enough to overlook those annoyances.

Thank you to all who have listened to BOTNS over the years and for those who are just discovering the podcast. 

Apr 27, 2011

Things you can buy that will prove your love of books, great books for kids of all ages, and two books we can't wait for you to read.

Wear Your Books

Though many people are bemoaning the death of books and reading, there certainly seems to be a lot of book- and reading-related "things" you can buy. There are at least...

Apr 19, 2011

One book we can't for you to read, and two authors we can't wait for you to hear.

We are so thrilled that you enjoyed last week's podcast that featured 2 of our authors from the BOTNS Retreat!

This week, we bring you two more: Ellen Meeropol and Matthew Dicks. I'm so happy that we recorded the talks from...

Apr 13, 2011

The BOTNS retreat was a huge success and we take a few minutes to thank everyone who made it possible. Then we share the first two authors who spoke at the Celebration of Authors event on Saturday.

Ann and I are back from the retreat and, though we are exhausted, we're still flying high from the sheer fun of the whole...

Apr 6, 2011

It's a listener call-in show this week, as we answer many of the calls that were piling up in our voicemail box.

We have not been getting notifications of voicemail messages, and we are embarrassed by the number of messages that have piled up! So this show is alistener call in show. We are crazy busy getting ready for...